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Humble beginnings...

"Ward Wear started out the back of my truck in 2011. First it was shirts, then shirts evolved to printed socks and accessories. If I knew then the experiences and opportunities that this company would allow me to endure, I would’ve started ward wear years ago. As the community and clientele that I was providing grew, I knew that I would have to as well. I moved on to the next chapter. Something that was less of an accessory and more of a building block for your fits. Tapping into an untouched market I started making shorts in 2014. It wasn’t perfect at first but I chipped at it. Worked on designs. Worked on my approach to the product. I started adding patches to shorts after a client suggested the customization. In 2017 I was approached by Mitchell&Ness with the deal of a lifetime. God created this path and gave me the will to perceiver, where it goes from here I’m not sure but what I do know, is that it’s forward. "

-Sheldon Ward, CEO.

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